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Low Vision Clinic


Low Vission Clinic

Low Vission ClinicLow vision is a condition wherein the vision cannot be improved by refractive correction, medical or surgical treatment.


When is low vision service required?

When it is difficult to perform day to day activities.
When there is difficulty in night vision.
When only your central vision is remaining & you are not able to see on your sides.

Vision Rehabilitation

Helps you maintain your lifestyle & independence.

What are low vision devices?

Low vision devices are devices which enhance vision & help people with partial vision see better. Training is required to use them. Some examples are - telescopes, magnifying lenses, CCTV etc.

Non Optical devices

Special lighting, glare reduction devices & other assistive adaptations which enhance vision.

Orientation & mobility training

Training which helps you travel safely despite your limited vision. The vision rehabilitation center at Ahalia, will help a low vision patient to maximize remaining vision for carrying out his/her tasks,& rehabilitate him/her vocationally, educationally & socially.

Help a poor person gain his vision

Its our privilege to provide you with an unique opportunity to join our mission to eradicate the avoidable blindness that occur among populations who cannot afford treatment, particularlywhen it involves surgery and long-term medical care or rehabilitation.

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