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Lasik Treatment

Laser Assisted Insitu Keratomileusis LASIK (Lasik Treatment) is a procedure used to correct or reduce moderate to high levels of myopia. In LASIK, the surgeon creates a flap in the cornea using a surgical instrument called a microkeratome. The surgeon uses the laser to remove a micro-thin layer of tissue from the exposed corneal surface. The flap is replaced without the need for sutures.

Who can undergo LASIK Treatment ?

Persons above 18 yrs of age with stable refraction for atleast 6 months & who have no other eye disease.

What is so special about Lasik Treatment at Ahalia?

The Zyoptix Laser work station at Ahalia, is a wave front Lasik. It involves tailoring the excimer laser treatment to very small visual irregularities. These are called higher order aberrations that are specific to each person. Custom wave front Lasik technology takes information from corneal topography maps, and from an instrument called an aberrometer (also called wave front analyzer) and feeds it directly into the laser.

Wave front Lasik surgery will correct your refractive error and will also correct the very small optical irregularities that are found not only on the cornea, but also through the entire eye. These advances in technology mean that every patient can be treated as a special case. This technology helps the patient achieve, what is called as super vision.

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