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Macular Degeneration


Macular Degeneration


Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is a degenerative condition of the macula, which affects the central vision. Its prevalence increases with age.


Wet (neovascular) : New delicate vessels form, which can bleed.

Patient with wet macular degeneration develop new blood vessels under the retina. This causes hemorrhage, swelling, and scar tissue but it can be treated with laser in some cases.

Dry (non-neovascular) : Characterized by drusen and loss of pigment in the retina.

Dry macular degeneration, although more common, typically results in a less severe, more gradual loss of vision.

Signs and Symptoms

Loss of central vision & difficulty in reading
Distorted vision (Straight lines such as the edge of a window may appear wavy or bent)


There is no proven medical therapy for dry ARMD. Laser photocoagulation can be done in selected cases of the wet type. It usually does not restore lost vision, but it may prevent further loss. Recently, photodynamic therapy has proven to be effective in stopping abnormal blood vessel growth in some patients. Early diagnosis is critical for successful treatment of wet macular degeneration.

Tips for AMD patients

Monitor your vision daily with an Amsler grid. By checking your vision regularly, changes that may require treatment can be detected early.
Quit smoking. Smoking impairs the body's circulation, decreasing the efficiency of the retinal blood vessels.
Exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercise improves the body's overall health and increases the efficiency of the circulatory system.
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