Our Doctors

  • Dr. Sajeev Cherian Jacob

    Designation : Medical Director & Director Academics / Sr. Consultant

  • Dr. Rajkumar Maheshwari

    Designation : Director – Retina / Sr. Consultant

  • Dr. Prashant Bhagat

    Designation : Ophthalmologist

  • Dr. Sagar Basu

    Designation : Ophthalmologist / Jr. Consultant

  • Dr. Rose Mary Tomy

    Designation : Ophthalmologist & Vitreo Retinal Surgeon / Jr. Consultant

  • Dr. Antony C L

    Designation : Professor & Sr. Consultant Ophthalmologist / Sr. Consultant

Kerala's only JCI accredited Eye Hospital
For over 25 years, Ahalia group has dedicated itself to the cause of improving quality of life. As a brand, Ahalia is all about providing the best in health care.