Pediatrics & Squint

Pediatric Opthamology & Squint

Childhood blindness and visual loss is important because of the impact on the child's development, education, future work opportunities & quality of life. According to WHO 2002 report, childhood blindness is a significant problem with 1.4million blind child below 15years of age.

Therefore a good vision is an integral part of overall development of the child. Eye diseases in children are unique which require special expertise for diagnosis and management. We at Ahalia foundation Eye Hospital have latest equipment required for diagnosis and management of Pediatrics Eye disease.

Visual problems

  • Comes nearer to the board for reading or holds book very close to the eye
  • Stumbles over or bumps into objects frequently
  • Defective night vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye turns in or out
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Itching and /or dryness with a frequent need to blink
  • Repeated attacks of infection
  • Severe pain in the eye or Headache
  • Head position
  • Opticians Service

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